Precautions for installation and placement of stainless steel products

2019-12-05 14:15:33

Pay attention to the following three points when installing and placing stainless steel products:

1. In the reasonable layout of the installation of commercial kitchen equipment, it is necessary to install disinfected cupboards, with environmental health first.

2. The best way to install the smoke hood and ventilation duct is to find relevant personnel to install the design scheme of the enterprise and the installation team of the technical specialty, so as to ensure good use and effectiveness.

3. The freezer refrigeration equipment should not be placed directly in front of the rice steaming cabinet and seafood steaming cabinet as far as possible, and the machine equipment with large heat production should be avoided as far as possible.

4. Machines and equipment such as washing pool, sink and dishwasher should be kept to a minimum, so as to prevent the actual effect of cleaning the kitchen utensils from harming the dining.

5. The installation of kitchen supplies shall be carried out after all preparations are made in the interior decoration and environmental sanitation of the kitchen.

6. The installation of kitchen supplies requires the professional and technical personnel to carry out accurate measurement, design scheme and ensure the proper specifications. Kitchen supplies and wall cabinets (with adjustable feet outside the kitchen supplies) level. Silicon rubber is used as moisture-proof solution at the interface between the gas appliance and the cabinet table to prevent water leakage.

7. Safety first, check whether the hardware fittings of kitchen supplies are firmly installed and whether the hanging kitchen is solid.