Growth and application of stainless steel commercial kitchenware manufacturers' demand for hardware

2019-12-05 14:16:28

1. Category of hardware products: hardware products industry is a traditional and modern industry that processes and manufactures metals. From ancient times to thousands of years ago, in the Song Dynasty's "Qingming River map" there was a performance about hardware manufacturing. When it comes to modern emerging, hardware products are closely related to people's life After the historical development, the current hardware products have changed from the original positioning by material classification to the current positioning by product. At present, hardware products are divided into 10 categories, including tool hardware, building hardware, daily hardware, gas appliances, stainless steel products and kitchen equipment, locks, cooking utensils, range hoods, zippers and shower rooms. These 10 industries are also divided into hundreds of product categories, one by one In 2009, the sales volume of hardware products reached 700 billion yuan, of which about half were exported. With the development of reform and development, 99% of the hardware manufacturers are now private enterprises. The production areas are mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Shandong, Hebei (construction five gold part) and other regions. From the perspective of product quality, the domestic hardware products are among the same kind of international products The proportion of high-grade products is 40% - 50% II. Application of stainless steel in hardware industry 1. Products of stainless steel in hardware industry include: stainless steel tableware: knife, fork, spoon (Chinese and Western food), stainless steel utensils (pot, basin), three-layer stainless steel dining car, etc Kitchen equipment: public including conditioning table, washing table, storage cabinet, smoke hood, buffet equipment, etc. And home use includes cupboard, sink, gas appliance, range hood, stainless steel cup, etc Daily hardware: nail clippers, razors, scissors, etc Construction hardware: wire mesh, hinge, slide rail, decorative parts, etc.