How to distinguish high quality and low quality stainless steel?

2019-12-05 14:17:13 admin

The poor quality stainless steel welded pipe not only has a bad effect, but also has a short service life. However, many customers cannot identify the poor quality stainless steel welded pipe when purchasing. In fact, as long as there is one of the following five problems, that is, poor quality stainless steel pipe.

1. Shrinkage. Shrinkage cavity is a kind of shrinkage cavity formed by the influence of environment, such as air and temperature, when stainless steel liquid shrinks in the mold in liquid state. It is called shrinkage cavity from a professional point of view.

2. Transverse crack. Transverse crack is easy to understand, that is, transverse crack occurs on the surface of stainless steel welded pipe. Generally, transverse crack occurs in the ingot period, but most of them are shallow in depth.

3. Longitudinal crack. Knowing the transverse crack, the meaning of the longitudinal crack is obvious. Longitudinal crack is the longitudinal crack on the surface of ingot, which generally appears in the upper part and corner, and the longitudinal crack on the upper part is relatively deep.

4. Scarring. As mentioned above, there may be longitudinal cracks in the upper part or corner of stainless steel industrial welded pipe, so sometimes there will be metal splashing of skin makeup or tumor makeup in the lower part, which looks like a layer of scar, so it is called scar. However, this kind of problem is rare.

5. Surface porosity. Pores are also well understood, that is, many small pores can be seen on the surface of stainless steel welded pipe with naked eyes, and most of these pores are shallow, like transverse cracks.

Some illegal businesses will describe the above problems as normal when introducing products to customers, so customers must master the above content when purchasing to avoid purchasing inferior stainless steel welded pipes