What aspects should be considered in hotel kitchen design

2019-12-05 14:14:16 admin

Hotel kitchen planning is also a knowledge, so in the early stage of kitchen planning, we need to do a good planning in advance, reasonable planning and professional production to plan a good commercial kitchen, then the following three points are throughout the whole hotel kitchen planning elements: purpose, budget, space.

I. architectural pattern and scale of kitchen

The size of the kitchen space and the structural shape of the place have a direct impact on the planning of the kitchen. The place is well-organized, which is conducive to the standard planning of the kitchen and adequate equipment. If the location of the kitchen is convenient for the purchase of materials and the cleaning and transportation of garbage, good conditions have been invented for the processing kitchen of the conference planning. If the kitchen and the restaurant are on the same floor, it is convenient for the saving of cooking, preparation and production and the planning of Shunyang. On the contrary, if the kitchen is narrow, irregular or not on the same plane as the dining room, the planning and layout is relatively difficult. It is necessary to carry out a unified and separate planning and sensitive planning, so as to reduce the inconvenience of production and production.

II. Production function of kitchen

Different production function of the kitchen planning considerations are not the same. A kitchen that combines processing, cooking, cold dishes and snacks. Its planning requires a unified planning and layout from raw to cooked, from coarse to fine. Hotel kitchens are often made up of a number of functional point kitchens. Therefore, the kitchen functions are different and the planning is different. The planning of Western food kitchen should be equipped with Western food manufacturing equipment; the planning of processing kitchen should focus on equipment processing equipment; the planning of cold food kitchen should pay attention to the invention of sanitation and low temperature environment. Hotel kitchen planning kitchen production function is different. Its requirements for area, equipment and production process are different. It is necessary to adapt the planning to it.

III. public utility equipment

The situation of public utility equipment has a close and inseparable restriction and regulation effect on the local economy. The main factors affecting the kitchen planning are water, electricity and gas. The supply and application of electricity and gas directly affect the selection and investment of equipment. In fact, the choice between gas and electricity is not absolute. It depends on the detailed cooking equipment. Gas oven is better than electric oven, but electric fryer is better than gas fryer. Considering the characteristics of gas. Electricity should be safer. Considering the continuous supply. Kitchen planning should choose gas cooking equipment and electric cooking equipment. To be free from any suspension of energy supply. In general, the hotel kitchen planning should take into account the current situation of existing public equipment. It is necessary to make a long-term plan in combination with its development plan. Push forward the advanced and moderately advanced design plan.

IV. in combination with the regulatory requirements of relevant departments

Food hygiene law and local fire safety and environmental protection laws and regulations should be considered as important factors in kitchen planning. In kitchen area distribution, process planning, personnel direction and equipment selection. We should take into account the requirements of laws and regulations; reduce the waste and economic loss caused by the unscientific planning and unreasonable equipment selection, which lead to the equipment not allowed to be used.

V. budget expenses

The budget of kitchen production is a big factor to the kitchen planning, especially the equipment. In the early stage, making a good quotation budget can effectively control the cost, prevent excessive waste, and prevent the related equipment and equipment from not in place, the advanced degree of equipment and complete set of equipment. In addition, the budget also determines the materials and style of kitchen decoration.

Vi. timely treatment of kitchen waste gas and wastewater

The exhaust gas of cooking oil smoke in the kitchen must be treated, so it is necessary to install the oil smoke purifier, and the oil waste water generated in the production of the kitchen must be treated before it is discharged into the municipal pipeline, so it is necessary to install the oil-water separator. These are the key points of the plan that should not be ignored.