Some problems in the maintenance of kitchen equipment

2019-12-05 14:13:14

After using for a period of time, the kitchenware equipment needs to be maintained in time, otherwise it will affect the use effect of kitchenware equipment in the future. Another important problem is to pay attention to some problems when purchasing kitchenware equipment. It is better to choose brand products when purchasing kitchenware equipment. Now what we need to introduce to you is some problems that need to be paid attention to in the maintenance of kitchen equipment.

The good and bad kitchen care directly extends to the surplus and loss of business. In the past ten years, it's not uncommon for the small to large millions of projects in the commercial kitchen. Besides how to run the kitchen well and handle the normal work of chefs, it's also very important to take good care of the kitchenware. Generally, we should choose kitchenware, use Kitchenware and maintain kitchenware Let's go.

I. use of kitchenware

After the purchase of the products, the operators, chefs, must be trained to use the products. There must be a staff manual for the large-scale catering profession, but they usually neglect the use manual of the kitchen utensils. Therefore, the operation standard manual for the use of the kitchen utensils should be set up in a systematic and sound kitchen to ensure the safe use of the kitchen utensils and reduce the risk of operation. This can not only reduce the accurate operation of kitchen utensils, but also improve the rational use of kitchen utensils. Of course, in addition to the accurate use, it is also necessary for users to learn the operation principle of kitchen utensils and the presentation and cleaning of faults as much as possible, so that problems can be timely handled and repaired.

II. Kitchen equipment maintenance

People live, die and die. As for kitchenware, it's no exception. Even if the kitchenware made of stainless steel will wear and consume power, but the useful protection and maintenance can increase the service life of kitchenware. The protection and maintenance of stainless steel kitchenware need to be carried out regularly. Therefore, the kitchen management also needs to formulate and implement accurate maintenance measures to reduce equipment To prevent unnecessary economic loss. Therefore, when purchasing kitchenware products, the protection cycle of the products and the manufacturer's contact information should be kept in the same way to prevent loss. Together with regular protection, the kitchenware maintenance records should be made. When any product presents problems, it should be reported or contacted with the kitchenware manufacturer in time for repair.

III. selection of kitchenware

There are countless kinds of professional kitchenware products. How to choose the right products to use in your own kitchen is the priority for managers. What kind of products are suitable for your own kitchen, how much power to buy and how many sets to buy are the operations for managers to think about. In general, how to choose kitchenware? We can equip different types of equipment according to our needs, but we Do not blindly choose too high or too low goods, probably from the chef's convenient operation, durable, quality assurance of goods for the purchase.