Stainless steel shelf

Brand: MASTERName: stainless steel layerSpecification: can be customizedSpacing: layer height can be adjusted freely according to 25 mm plateMaterial: stainless steel SUS304Warranty time: five yearsFe


Name: stainless steel layer

Specification: can be customized

Spacing: layer height can be adjusted freely according to 25 mm plate

Material: stainless steel SUS304

Warranty time: five years

Features: super weighing, layer number of adjustable, corrosion resistance is strong, easy to install, easy to clean, strong and durable.

Maintenance methods: it is recommended that regular use cotton cloth to clean the surface dirt and stains. After the clean dry surface with dry cloth.

Applicable environment: warehouse, kitchen, living room, supermarket, bar

Product selling point

1. Select material 304 stainless steel

2. Process fine polishing of whole frame

3. 18 of the lacquer that bake, high-temperature paint color bright beautiful not to drop paint have qualitative feeling strong durability

4. Bearing easily weighing 280 kg strictly choose stainless steel material structure strong bearing ability

5. Surrounding edge is is no obstacles to fetch the rim edge down design more convenient

6. Layer spacing layer spacing can be adjusted flexibly

7. Design of corrugated reinforcement design imitation triangular pyramid strengthen bearing mechanical design

8 foot foot height adjustable smooth rough ground support frame body safety

9. Steel pipe bold bamboo pole imitation bamboo design appearance more strong and beautiful structure

10. Encryption mesh wire mesh carrying more smooth and safe bearing capacity is strong