Bevel storage display stand

Brand: MasterName: Slope storage display rackSpecifications: can be customizedMaterial: 304 stainless steelPitch: the height of the board can be adjusted according to 25MMWarranty period: five yearsFe

Brand: Master

Name: Slope storage display rack

Specifications: can be customized

Material: 304 stainless steel

Pitch: the height of the board can be adjusted according to 25MM

Warranty period: five years

Features: super-weighing, adjustable number of layers and layers, strong corrosion resistance, easy installation, easy cleaning, sturdy and durable.

Maintenance method: It is recommended to regularly use a cotton cloth to clean the dirt and other stains on the surface. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth after cleaning.

Applicable environment: warehouse, kitchen, living room, supermarket

Product selling points

1.Select material 304 stainless steel

2. Fine polishing process

3. Baking paint 18 high-temperature baking paints with even and bright color and paint quality. Durability

4. Load-bearing, easy weighing 280KG, carefully selected stainless steel material structure, strong bearing capacity

5. The edge of the net is surrounded by the edge of the net.

6.Layer distance can be adjusted flexibly

7. Design wave-shaped reinforcement design, imitate pyramid, triangle mechanical design, strengthen load bearing

8.Bottom foot height can be adjusted to cope with uneven ground to ensure the safety and stability of the frame

9.Steel tube thickened, slubbed steel tube imitation slubbed design, more beautiful appearance, stronger structure

10.Mesh encryption wire diameterMesh storage is more stable and safe bearing capacity is stronger

11. Tilt at a 45-degree angle to provide a suitable visual environment for the products on the shelf at a glance