BUNN ICB smart tea coffee machine

Brand: BUNNModel: ICBName: Smart Tea Making MachineSize (W / D / H): 254 * 505 * 665mmPower: 2400W-2900WAmpere: 11A-12AVoltage: 220VFeatures1.Large boiler 11.36 liters can provide continuous brewing c

Brand: BUNN

Model: ICB

Name: Smart Tea Making Machine

Size (W / D / H): 254 * 505 * 665mm

Power: 2400W-2900W

Ampere: 11A-12A

Voltage: 220V


1.Large boiler 11.36 liters can provide continuous brewing capacity

2. Equipped with a stainless steel coffee / tea funnel and a professional plastic tea funnel

3.Can be used for simple programming and control in Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese, LCD screen can display advertising information and machine status

4.3 buttons to control 3 different drinks, programmable function buttons for batch and semi-batch selection

5. Coffee is stored directly in a vacuum pot of 2.5 to 3.8 liters or in a thermos pot of 3.8 to 5.7 liters

6.Intelligent brewing through pre-dipping, pulse brewing, dilution water to extract each tea and delicious coffee

7.Can be used with the intelligent connection of the DBC grinder through the intelligent funnel

8.With power saving function, the heating device can be automatically turned off

9.Can be used in English and metric units, with energy saving mode