QUEEN cater coffee machine

Brand: QUEENName: Small Filter Coffee MachineOrigin: SwedenModel: caterOutput: 40L / HSize: 410x420x675mm (W / D / H)Coffee bucket volume: 2.5L × 2Voltage / power: 380V, 4.0KWAutomatic water supply: h

Brand: QUEEN

Name: Small Filter Coffee Machine

Origin: Sweden

Model: cater

Output: 40L / H

Size: 410x420x675mm (W / D / H)

Coffee bucket volume: 2.5L × 2

Voltage / power: 380V, 4.0KW

Automatic water supply: hot water faucet on the front panel


1. This machine is an automatic water inlet type

2. The machine has a built-in 5 liter water tank, and the front end has a hot water faucet for making tea.

3. Can make about 40 liters of coffee per hour;

4. According to business needs, full or half of the coffee can be brewed; also can customize the distillation time or temperature;

5.Built-in hot water switch to release hot water;