WMF 1500S fully automatic coffee machine

Brand: WMFModel: 1500SName: Automatic coffee machinePower: 1900W—2300WPower specifications: 230V 3500wattsSpecification: 325 * 590 * 675MMProduction per hour: up to 180 cupsWater tank: 4.5L / link wat

Brand: WMF

Model: 1500S

Name: Automatic coffee machine

Power: 1900W—2300W

Power specifications: 230V 3500watts

Specification: 325 * 590 * 675MM

Production per hour: up to 180 cups

Water tank: 4.5L / link water

Country of origin: Germany

Product weight: 37KG

Product selling points

1. The drip tray can set the steam from the screen to maintain the temperature of the drip tray and achieve the function of a warm cup.

2. The body is designed to be 325mm wide, and the placement position can be more flexible.

3. Smart fresh milk production system can set exclusive buttons to make hot latte and ice latte

4.10-inch touch screen for easy and convenient operation, making it easier for the operator to make personal drink preferences

5. Timer function can be set to automatically shut down

6. Steam pipe can produce hot water, and can also brew tea drinks

7.Can be connected with automatic water inlet or use 4L water tank

8. The height-adjustable outlet enables the coffee outlet to be properly positioned, the temperature of the drink will remain perfect, and there will be no milk splashes that cause an unsightly casing

9. The Milk Excellence sensor uses ultrasonic technology to measure the flow and temperature of milk non-contact. Interference caused by air bubbles can be accurately detected

10.New filter capsule system, each cup is freshly brewed with strong aroma coffee beans, and uniformly filtered to remove sediment and grease

11. Patented chocolate mixer is easy to operate, easy to clean and easy to maintain. The magnetic locking mechanism ensures correct insertion of the mixing cup. Integrated sensors can also monitor the perfect fit of the mixing wheel

12. Three bean / flour containers have a uniform appearance. In addition to the attractive design, the machine equipped with two grinding units and a powder container also provides manual dispensing openings for using ground coffee

13. Once Dynamic Coffee Assist determines the quality of the beverage, it continuously monitors and automatically adjusts the most important enjoyment factors when necessary, such as the amount of coffee powder and grind. Production time, extraction and sales costs remain stable so you can always provide your customers with consistently high-quality coffee

14.Dynamic Milk Assist uses advanced sensors to continuously monitor milk temperature and flow