WMF5000S+ fully automatic coffee machine

Brand: WMFModel: 5000S +Name: Automatic coffee machinePower specifications: 220V 3200wattsSpecification: 325 * 590 * 716MMProduction per hour: up to 250 cupsWater tank water connection: water supply e

Brand: WMF

Model: 5000S +

Name: Automatic coffee machine

Power specifications: 220V 3200watts

Specification: 325 * 590 * 716MM

Production per hour: up to 250 cups

Water tank water connection: water supply equipment

Country of origin: Germany

Product weight: 37KG


1.10-inch LED color touch display makes the navigation interface intuitive and easy to understand

2. Coffee and hot water are prepared in parallel, so that it can meet a large number of supply demand during peak hours,

3. The height outlet can be adjusted automatically, so that the beverage can be maintained at the optimal temperature, and the embarrassing situation of milk splashing outside the cup will no longer occur.

4. New filter capsule system, each cup is freshly brewed with strong aroma coffee beans and uniformly filtered to remove sediment and grease

5. The size of medium and small cups is set to meet customers with different needs

6. Steam jet heating function, can make cold and hot milk coffee, can also make cold and hot milk and milk foam beverage automatically, and provide a variety of milk foam consistency

7. Double milk solution can provide two types of milk. The automatic valve opening and closing function ensures that the two milks do not touch each other and use only the selected milk type to prepare the beverage.

8. Can make a variety of drinks at high speed, can meet the needs of high-demand customers under busy conditions

9. The heavy-duty brew group has a strong, molded frame and is equipped with a fine sieve for finer recipes. The capacity of 19 grams enables more coffee to be brewed in one operation. Since the brew group is permanently installed in the machine, no additional cleaning is required.

10.Dynamic milk assistance system can create high-quality milk froth with preselected consistency, and can also reliably detect when the milk is empty

11.Dynamic coffee auxiliary system will continuously monitor the brewing flow, and automatically adjust the grinding degree or the amount of coffee powder if necessary. This keeps cooking time, extraction and quality stable.

12. Optional ice coffee function, let the freshly brewed hot coffee cool through the heat exchanger, so that the delicious ice of ice or ice cream is frozen for a longer time.

13. Standard WMF CoffeeConnect provides the option to collect valuable coffee machine data to optimize processes, reduce service costs and increase sales