Bianco dipuro smoothie machine

Brand: bianco di puroModel: DC6711XProduct name: gusto proSpecifications: 220V / 60HZPower: 1200WSpeed per minute: 15000Capacity: 2 litersNet weight: 7.8 kgProduct size: 448MM (height) X210MM (width)

Brand: bianco di puro

Model: DC6711X

Product name: gusto pro

Specifications: 220V / 60HZ

Power: 1200W

Speed per minute: 15000

Capacity: 2 liters

Net weight: 7.8 kg

Product size: 448MM (height) X210MM (width) X246MM (depth)


1. High carbon steel in Japan, the blade is integrated, easy to clean, safe and not hurt your hands

2.Brushless DC motor, magnetically driven, efficient work and long-term work

3. Touch panel, easy to use

4. Noise reduction, specially for commercial use

5. Efficient work, breaking ice in 3 seconds

6. High-strength copolyester plastic, able to withstand hammer hammer

7. Full-featured, a variety of food can be stirred

8. Gentle cleaning, regular cleaning, keep clean and dry