Heyuan Soymilk Machine HY300B-G30

Brand: He YuanName: Commercial Rice Milk Soymilk MakerModel: HY300B—G30Function keys: 8 major functions such as soybean milk rice paste and mung bean pasteProduction capacity: 15-30 litersDigital disp

Brand: He Yuan

Name: Commercial Rice Milk Soymilk Maker

Model: HY300B—G30

Function keys: 8 major functions such as soybean milk rice paste and mung bean paste

Production capacity: 15-30 liters

Digital display function: Yes

Rated voltage: 220V

Rated frequency: 50HZ

Heating power: 5000W

Motor power: 1800W

Gross weight: 23.5KG

Net weight: 20.3KG

Machine size: φ400X1180MM (including tripod)

Packing size: 512MM * 512MM * 940MM

Product selling points

1.SUS304 food grade stainless steel barrel

2. Full water, anti-overflow, anti-dry burning protection

3.Dried bean pulp, no need to soak beans, save time

4. Make an appointment for boiling water in advance, saving half of the production time

5. Large capacity, it can be consumed by 60-150 people at one time

6. Self-developed specific production process to ensure that the beverage is rich and smooth

7. There are no sharp corners in the round corners of the barrel, which is easy to clean and has no dead corners.

8. One-click operation, fully automatic production, no special care required

9. The combination of patented flying knife and filter spoiler technology ensures fine crushing

10.Display beverage temperature, working times, fault code and alarm

11. High-precision sensor, accurate display temperature, ensure the beverage is cooked thoroughly

12. Separation of pulp and slag, automatic filtering technology, turn on the tap and release the drink and drink

13. Triple-strengthened leak-proof seal to protect the internal components of the host from water damage.

14.The all-copper high temperature resistant motor is combined with the cooling air duct, the temperature of the motor is low, it can work for many times continuously, and the service life is long

15. Soy milk, nutritious rice cereal, fruit and vegetable rice porridge, floor worry, corn paste, automatic desizing, reservation of boiling water, reset eight functions