Zhenghuangxing BH-101BK convection oven

Product Name: Zhenghuang Traveling Lightwave Furnace BH-101 BKOrigin: TaiwanDomestic voltage: 220V / 50HZPower: 400W * 3ASpecification: 22.5 * 26.5 * 19.5CMFunction: siphon pot heatingApplicable scene

Product Name: Zhenghuang Traveling Lightwave Furnace BH-101 BK

Origin: Taiwan

Domestic voltage: 220V / 50HZ

Power: 400W * 3A

Specification: 22.5 * 26.5 * 19.5CM

Function: siphon pot heating

Applicable scene: Coffee shop, tea shop, dessert shop, home production


The halogen tube converts 85% of the electricity into infrared thermal energy, and then passes through the quartz glass placed above the tube to achieve a high-efficiency heat collection effect.

It is safe without open flames, and achieves high-efficiency heating with the simplest system, which makes the heat source stable and only plays an effective role on the hot objects without being affected by the surrounding environment.

The fire power of the light furnace can be adjusted at will, and the boiling water temperature is controlled at 89-91 ° C, which can avoid the situation of excessive extraction due to the high water temperature.

Product selling points

1. Infrared light wave, lasting and stable heating

2. No contact with heat source, no loss of equipment

3. Simple installation and use, easy and fast operation

4. Switch, can adjust the appropriate firepower according to the scale

5. Back and bottom cooling device, double protection, better security

6. Use logo + bottom heat dissipation

7.Lamp holder net + side heat dissipation