Xinyuan QSCB3-15 water machine

Product name: Qinyuan brand commercial water dispenserModel: QSCB-3-15Ambient temperature: 5 ℃ —40 ℃Ambient humidity: ≤90%Applicable water source: quality drinking waterWater inlet pressure: 0.1MPA—0.

Product name: Qinyuan brand commercial water dispenser

Model: QSCB-3-15

Ambient temperature: 5 ℃ —40 ℃

Ambient humidity: ≤90%

Applicable water source: quality drinking water

Water inlet pressure: 0.1MPA—0.4MPA

Rated voltage / frequency: 220V— / 50HZ

Product size (MM): 200 * 562 * 530

Electric shock protection type: Class 1

Protection type: IPX3

Rated power: 3000W

Rated capacity: 15L

Water boiling capacity: 30L / H 

Product Features

1. Designed for bar water needs

2.Stylish appearance, acrylic operation panel

3. Step by step heating, safer

4.Touch button, child lock, temperature, heating, water status display

5.4 level water volume setting, 15-2400m

6.Small body, suitable for many occasions

7. Hot water extraction temperature setting, applicable to boiling point changes of national maps

8.Using intelligent control, LED display, touch keys, there are 4 kinds of hot water outlet keys, and you can set a fixed amount of water for each key

9. The hot water temperature is adjustable. Set the hot water temperature as required. Adopt step-by-step heating technology, without "yin and yang water" and "thousand boiling water"

10. Water-proof or over-temperature double anti-dry-burn protection, float switch or overflow port double anti-overflow, ultra-low pressure control, safe and reliable