Steam VN-01 water machine

Product Name: VN—01 Steam BoilerBoiler volume: 7LSteam control: Unilateral four-segment (adjustable) + additional jog switch, full touch non-sense operationHeating control: Italy imported pressure swi

Product Name: VN—01 Steam Boiler

Boiler volume: 7L

Steam control: Unilateral four-segment (adjustable) + additional jog switch, full touch non-sense operation

Heating control: Italy imported pressure switch + safety valve, and professional IC detection

Rated voltage: C220V / 50HZ

Rated power: 2000W

Water capacity: about 2.5-3.5L temperature difference will affect

Earth leakage protection: national standard 3C certification and CE certification leakage protection plug

Water inlet mode: about 1.5KG with pressure water inlet and IC level detection solenoid valve control

Shell material: stainless steel bright surface (can be customized)

Boiler material: stainless steel 304 food grade

Dimensions: D420 * W240 * H530 (MM)

Product net weight: 11.5KG

Packing size: D500 * W360 * H610 (MM)

Power on / off control: adjustable scheduled shutdown, hibernation, automatic wake-up

Product selling points 

1. Full touch mode operation button, sensitive operation response

2. Long service life without fear of water vapor from wet hands

3.LCM dynamic display working status LED indicator, more intuitive operation process with buzzer reminder function

4.304 food-grade stainless steel to ensure safety and health

5.Adjustable automatic switch, easy and fast operation, saving labor costs

6.3C and CE certifications are complete to ensure electricity safety